Practice. Precision. Perfection


pitch vision

PitchVision is a UK based, state-of-the-art Cricket coaching Technology that powers all the centres of CAP. Line, length, bounce, deviation and pace are all captured for study and analysis of techniques, body posture and speed, in the form of videos and statistical charts which can be easily accessed by all the stakeholders. This technology not only enables the Pathan brothers and the cricket coaches to track the progress of the students but also is a means of communication with the parents of the wards via a mobile phone app.


All the students of CAP have access to this world-class technology tool that allows them to collaborate with the coaches in real-time. The tool keeps track of the practice sessions, records training videos, notes swing metrics on the student end as well as is accessible to the coaches enabling them to provide instant course correction. The Smart Cricket Bat Sensor “StanceBeam Striker” gives relevant analytics and insights helping the students in their game


This in-house app helps the management and coaches keep up-to-date with the daily activities. Attendance, fee records, performance assessments, notifications and feedback are all easily generated and accessed by all stakeholders. To ensure steady advancement during the pandemic as well, virtual sessions are now being conducted