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“Good players inspire themselves, Great players inspire others”
– Anonymous

Cricket Academy of Pathans (CAP as it is popularly known) is the culmination of the dream of Irfan and Yusuf Pathan to build on their years of experience and achievements in International cricket and inspire cricket aspirants across our country. In its power packed journey so far, it has grown from strength to strength, establishing academies across the landscape and empowering thousands of boys and girls with the skills to play cricket at district, state, national levels as well as International levels.

A trustworthy brand, CAP embodies the ‘giving back to the community’ principle of the Pathan brothers. It has established itself as one of the leading cricket academies in the country, owing to its cutting edge, technology-enabled, strong on-ground curriculum and a wide-reaching network of centres (41 and counting!), all providing high class cricket coaching not only to national but also to International cricket aspirants.

“I would prefer to tell a young player what to do, not how to do it.” Bradman
The curriculum at Cricket Academy of Pathans is based on the Chappell-Tradell philosophy that emphasises on the impact the training environment makes on the learners. By enabling a stress-free, creative and informal learning environment at all its centres, the coaches at CAP facilitate and guide the learners in constructing their own knowledge. Based on the principle that learning should involve awareness, decision-making and opportunities for being creative and experimenting, the techniques employed at CAP stimulate imagination, provide opportunity to reflect and discuss tactics.
The main aim of our specially designed practicum-based curriculum is to ensure that our future cricketers have the same exciting flair, creativity and skill like the past greats by designing practice sessions that are engaging, exciting and enjoyable enough to attract, sustain and excite young players of all ages.
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our journey through time

  1. The Game Begins

    This year marked the beginning of the dream of Irfan and Yusuf Pathan coming true: the dream of giving back to the community and translating their passion to enrich others. It was in this year that the Cricket Academy of Pathans (CAP) was launched at the Cricket Club of India, Mumbai and their dream started to take shape.
  2. The Maiden Event

    A pilot academy at Vadodara became the test-bed for a 360° approach towards cricket coaching. A holistic style in the running of a cricket academy was tried and the overwhelming response received was all that was needed for going ahead with the plan.
  3. The First Boundary

    After the trial run, came the giant step – the very first CAP was launched at Raipur(Chattisgarh). The presence of Yusuf Pathan gave fuel to the passion of all the young aspiring cricketers and this year established us as a force to reckon with. This launch was the culmination of meticulous planning by the team at CAP and its success was a cause of celebration for the whole team. The impelling and comprehensive coaching provided at CAP Raipur set the ball rolling for more triumphs.
  4. Partnerships and New Ventures

    With the launch of five new academies at Noida, Sonipat, Lunawada(Gujarat), Surat and Rajkot, this year put CAP firmly on the national map.

    Partnerships with OLA to provide scholarships and the collaboration with the Indian Army furthered our aim of reaching out to all sections of the society. CAP and OPPO Mobiles joined hands to promote cricket by providing scholarships to underprivileged children. Out of 200 such deserving candidates, 17 were selected through a rigorous evaluation and were trained for 2 years with the aim of developing true sportsmen.

  5. Blazing Ahead

    Bengaluru, Delhi, Kota, Ludhiana, Morbi and Patna were the new CAP centres launched this year. This expansion was followed up by the tie-up with PitchVision, a UK based Cricket Technology Tool that enriched the coaching and learning environment of all our centres.
  6. Adding to the Score

    With the launch of six more academies at Mainpuri, Akola, Jaipur, Hissar, Lucknow and Ranchi, CAP increased its outreach and became a market leader, proving it’s mettle by the results it generated. A tie-up with Funngage, an integrated sports platform, streamlined the process of enabling hundreds of aspirants to undergo extensive trials. Deserving and talented aspirants were selected from among these to become students at CAP under the Cricket Scholarship Initiative.
  7. Beyond the Ring Field

    During the pandemic, CAP innovated yet again, displaying the resilience it strives to inculcate in its students. It overcame the obstacles in the students’ coaching by using technology at its best. As a unique solution to these unprecedented challenges, CAP initiated the fielding of CAP-Stance Beam, an online cricket coaching platform. 

    CAP lived up to its commitment for the community during COVID times by providing food and rations in many villages across Bihar and in Covid wards at Mumbai.

    As a leader in the field, the only way forward for CAP is towards more cricketing success stories of its students!

  8. Continuing the Winning Streak

    Despite the challenges being faced due to the COVID-19, CAP has emerged stronger with its innovations in training delivery. With an unprecedented number of registrations for the newly launched academies at Mehsana and Hyderabad, CAP has made its mark on the cricket coaching space in India and continues to channelise the passion of budding cricketers towards achieving professional competence.

    As the second COVID-19 wave hit Delhi, CAP garnered its resources and provided free meals to the thousands of effected people, thus contributing to the nation in more ways than one.

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Yusuf Pathan

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Irfan Pathan

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Harmeet Vasdev


Enrolling in CAP Bangaluru is the best step towards a focused coaching for my son's cricketing passion. He is now able to understand and follow the game with more focus and plan. One of the other key learning for him is his awareness about the connection between healthy food and playing the game better

Kritika Ramesh
Parent of Rishab Ramesh

We hope you continue to provide your support and help him in becoming a true sportsman with all the qualities needed to be so, we look forward to he becoming better each day along with other team members in your coaching centre.

Mr. Verendra Raina
Father of Shalien Raina

Sahil really enjoys CAP and the way you all take care of your kids, it sets you guys apart from others. We are happy putting him here and certainly recommend to others as well.

Mrs. Arpita Pande Krishna
mother of Sahil Krishna